• Pre-risk Analysis

    High-performing ‘Pre-risk Analysis team’ assesses the risk associated with complex financial products, analyzes the loan documents, property title reports, appraisals, income and asset statements and other relevant information. They provide summary of their findings based on their deep research to Senior Underwriters at the client’s location in US. This helps the clients to make a better credit decision.

  • Risk Analysis Audit

    In the mortgage loan origination business, quality is everything. Right from quality of sourcing borrowers to the quality of pre-risk analysis, risk profiling, risk assessment and the final quality of the credit decision.

    The ‘Risk Analysis Quality Control team’ of specialists critically reviews the credit decision and audits the output of the Loan Boarding, Pre-risk Analysis and Senior Underwriting teams with an eagle eye. They also double check the information in the system for veracity and accuracy, thereby leaving no room for errors or omissions. Feedback rich in analytics is promptly shared with the Senior Underwriters and other teams for guidance and appropriate action.

  • Funding Audit

    Nothing misses the keen eyes of our trained and qualified specialists at XL Dynamics. This team verifies and audits the loans to ensure that all the loans that are funded are in compliance and without any defects or qualify control issues. Thorough audit is done for all the processes in a loan’s life cycle right from loan origination to funding. All relevant loan documents are reviewed and verified to ascertain that the loan is in compliance with Federal, State & Investors guidelines and provide necessary feedback to the respective teams in case of any quality and/or compliance issues.

  • Loan Boarding

    A vital cog in the wheel of the mortgage business, Loan Boarding has to be done accurately while maintaining the integrity, security and privacy of the data. This is a separate department of specialists at XL Dynamics, which accurately sets up the loans in the ERP system after reviewing the loan files. Thereafter, it carries out checks and verifications to ascertain the regulatory compliance of the loan originations and their fitness for submission.

  • Hedging & Secondary Marketing

    This highly skilled team assists the Capital Markets team in managing the financial risk in the company’s mortgage originations. This team ensures that all the active & locked loans are hedged for the financial risk.

    A highly experienced and qualified team of professionals at XL Dynamics keeps their eyes glued onto the interest rate movements in the Secondary Market. This team studies the secondary market and prepares & provides the competitive daily rate sheets as per the market fluctuation to the client in timely manner. This is done through thorough analysis of secondary market where mortgages are bought and sold. This team is also responsible for locking the interest rate for lenders and its affiliated clients in the ERP system.

  • Servicing Audit

    Servicing refers to loan maintenance once the funds are disbursed to the Borrower. This team is involved in the internal audit of various servicing functions like Monthly Payment Collection, Default Management, Handling Customer Service Requests, Loss Mitigation efforts and forbearance, Foreclosure, REO and Claims.

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